Funeral Memorial Products

Customized Memorial Blankets

Order a one of a kind Memorial Blanket for a Funeral or Memorial Service.

1- Life Story Memorial Blankets Рdepicts the life of your loved one. You can use 2-6  photos needed & a theme.

2- Basic Custom Memorial Blanket – one photo + theme.

3- Event Blanket – for an Anniversary, Birthday or any Celebration.

Memorial Pillows

Our Memorial Pillows are photographic and hold the ashes of your loved one inside the pillow securely. 17″ X 17″

When you remove the pillowcase, there is a special section to seal cremation ashes or a keepsake.

Perfect for cremation services or to share ashes amongst several people.

Photo Realistic Blankets

Instead of a woven blanket, we also offer two sizes of photo realistic blankets.

Baby Angel Gowns & Urns

Preemies to 6 month old children, order a Baby Angel Gown.

Casket Cap Panels

We create a custom casket cap panel for your loved one. After the service, you can frame it or place it on a mantel. Printed on a beautiful silk background.

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Burban Turner Media does Tribute Memorials (Blankets, Pillows, Casket Cap Panels, Baby Funeral Gowns and more)

We also produce & host Funeral Pro Chat – the first podcast for Funeral Directors.

Nancy & Steven are also photographers and writers. Nancy custom designs the blankets and other memorial products. You can order one for happy times also such as graduations, birthdays & family reunions.

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The Gallery

Tribute Blankets

Life Story Blanket РFour to eight photos tell the life of your loved one in a story form. Completely custom.

Custom Tribute Blanket – one or more photos with a theme.

Tribute Blankets – Children

Tribute Blanket – Military

Tribute Blanket – Pets

Tribute Blanket – Other

Simple Tribute Blanket– One photo in Template. Good for headshot photos.